As words / verbal thinking do not come into the process of painting, why attempt to explain or justify it through the use of words? A painting can be described verbally, but, is essentially to be experienced, as one might experience an unfamiliar landscape. The response will depend on the viewers background, experience and temperament. The more one brings to the viewing of the painting, the more one’s appreciation is enhanced.
Listening to music, Bach’s suites for solo cello or Charlie Parker’s improvisations, in their individual ways take the receptive listener along a path of exploration and creative development in terms of the abstract form of sound. Painting as frozen music perhaps?
The painter Baselitz says ‘There is nothing I can say about my pictures. I paint which is far from easy, and that’s all I can do.’ Far from being evasive, the statement to me stresses the autonomy of the painting, I can add nothing more.”
Barry White, May 2001
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